It could be because you suffer from some kind of psychological disorder or physical illness. It could be that your body is simply growing beyond its natural figure, and is accumulating fat in a way which is disproportionate to its original self or its programming. It could be there is a viable reason for that, too! Whatever it is, it is clear that things are not going on in an orderly fashion in there. It could be stress, depression, or a million other things.

Eventually, it starts to spill into the outside world. Essentially, gaining weight could be seen as a physical manifestation of some type of inner chaos, an imbalance. So, it is no wonder that an environment which is chaotic and unorganized could easily lend itself and resonate with the chaos within you. But two wrongs don’t make a right, in this case.

There is a reason why clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson says that the  antidote to chaos starts with you cleaning your room. Do you want to sort yourself out? Do you want to have a better, more meaningful life? Fix what is inside of you? Start with what is outside of you. Start with your own bedroom, your apartment, your home. This will create a shift in the equation of your life, and you will hopefully rise up, meet the challenge, get yourself together, and work to balance yourself inside and out. Remember, most of the weight people carry around is in their mind. They are blinded to their own strengths. Some individuals have way too much fat stored way up there, in their heads.

And they cannot shake it easily. Sorting yourself out and getting organized means shedding a lot more than mere pounds. It is shedding tons of karma and negativity. Tons of anger, resentment, and frustration. The physical self is almost incidental in the face of the true meaning of organizing your life. So get on with it! I would definitely be a healthier weight if I was more organized. I would be able to meal prep, which would save me money as well as help me lose weight. I would also be able to make sure I have time every day to workout. But I’m not that disciplined with my time. As a mom, no day is the same. I can’t guarantee when my daughter will wake up or when I will. Yes, if I was more organized I would set an alarm. But I haven’t set an alarm clock since having a child. When she wakes me up is when my day starts. I just think sleep is very important. I probably shouldn’t stay up so late because I need to be able to function the next day. Sometimes downtime means staying up and binging Netflix. I can’t do that while I’m at work and I definitely can’t do it while hanging with my almost 3-year-old.

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