The benefits of yoga are very obvious to everyone that does it. If you are not into yoga simply stretching can get you the same benefits as yoga. Back pain is a very common thing with people today. That is because a lot of people spend a lot of time sitting which is not directly the cause of back pain. Sitting for long hours makes leg muscles very tight. Tight leg muscles will cause back pain. Chronic pain is a weird thing, where there is pain is rarely where the actual issue resides. Tight leg muscles can cause back pain because it pulls your body’s alignment out of whack. Stretching your legs a bit in the morning would probably help the majority of people who have back pain. Stretching will also help people feel better in their general daily life.

If you do any type of sports you should be stretching at the end of every workout session. Stretching will increase your mobility. It will also help to reduce your risk of injury. You should always stretch at the end of a workout. Think about your muscles like rubber bands. If you put a rubber band in the freezer and then try and stretch it, it will most likely break. If the rubber band is warm it will stretch better. You can think of your muscles the same way. All professional athletes stretch after they train. Before you work out everyone should do a solid warm up. Warming up before working out will help to make sure you do not get hurt. I am aware that warming up is really boring, no one likes to warm up. As you get older you will need to warm up more and more to make sure you reduce your risk of injury. You will be hard pressed to find an older athlete who does not warm up and stretch. Since they would not be athletes very long if they did not do these activities. People think that stretching doesn’t make you stronger but it does. Pulling your muscles will help them to build. Tearing them a little causing them to rebuild themselves. The same idea as lifting weights, the same thing happens when you stretch. Becoming more flexible can make other activities more fun as well. It is known that the bedroom can be a lot more fun when the participants are more flexible. It really opens the door for more positions that are available. You can move in more directions and also move more precisely. So in short you should stretch every day even if you aren’t an athlete.

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