It was said by the Diaz brothers, “everybody on Steroids”. With the amount of pro athletes that have been caught taking steroids. Professional baseball has been known that a lot of guy are taking steroids. A lot of athletes in combat sports have been caught taking performance enhancing drugs. The massive difference between guys taking PEDs in baseball and in combat sports. The difference is the only thing getting damaged in baseball is a bat or a ball. In combat sports you can do massive brain trauma to the other competitor.  In football as well where PEDs are everywhere, there is a huge problem with brain trauma.

It is not fair when you have one fighter who is on PED and one is not and the one who is on PED has a distinct advantage. Fighters like Mark Hunt have been fighting juiced up guys their entire career. There have been leagues where they intentionally tell their athletes that they do not test for drugs. Pride was well known for not drug testing their athletes and you could tell. Their fighters looked like science experiments. They were taking so many steroids and other performance enhancing drugs when they were competing in Pride FC. It is obvious to everyone  because when these same athletes came to compete for a company who did drug test they were substantially smaller and less muscular. It was like he was a balloon that was deflated. Not to say guys aren’t taking steroids in the UFC because they definitely are taking PEDs. The Diaz brothers only smoke bud and they don’t take steroids. They claim that everyone else is taking them. If you look at some of the guys before they fight their nipples are really puffed up which is a sign that they are on steroids. Also the amount that a lot of dudes train would be impossible to do without taking steroids. A human being cannot train for 8 hours a day without dying unless they take steroids.

The Russians in the olympics showed that all their athletes were taking steroids and it was released in the documentary ICARUS. The interesting thing is the USA beats the Russians frequently in the olympics. Are you going to tell me that the USA was putting clean athletes in the olympics and they were beating juiced up Russians. That is the biggest lie I have ever heard. The USA is definitely putting athletes in the olympics that are on steroids if they weren’t then how could they be beating juiced up athletes? A clean athlete will not beat an athlete on PEDs. The Russians getting caught should be the biggest red flag that the American athletes are taking steroids since the USA was beating the Russians or were at least competitive with them in a lot of events.

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