Could it be? Did I finally find a shampoo and conditioner combo (not in one, just a combo) that works? Maybe. Time will tell.

I love the smell of argan oil, and when I saw a new kind of argan conditioner in my favorite (read: only) local health food store, I jumped at it. I have already been using an herbal shampoo for a long while. It is something which I found about 6 months ago, and I love it. It has extracts of carrot, yam, and pumpkin. It is called an orange series, and the people who make it also make a green series and another. I love those kinds of products. It is a shampoo where I can turn it around, read the label, and actually understand it. That means there are no idiotic unnecessary chemicals and detergents. And I can really appreciate that.

And when it comes to conditioner… I tried a few samples from different places, and I did not have a ton of success. And now… enter argan oil. I knew that argan oil was great for hair, and I also already knew that its origin is from Morocco. There are tons of stories about this oil, and about the way they produce it. Did you know they still do it by hand? This is probably why it is something of a more expensive essential oil. Now, when it comes to hair care, my scalp and hair are immediate fans or haters. I can tell when I put it on my hair. If I get that happy tingling, I know this is a good product. Sometimes it is quite literally a happy tingling, like when I use mint, peppermint, or tea tree oil on my hair. I use these on days when I am not showering or washing my hair, but I want to give my locks the nutrients they need. I have a squirt bottle with all kinds of oils and stuff, and it works great. As an added bonus I get to smell like a rainforest when I step out of the shower. Now that is awesome.

If you don’t know what I am talking about, have no fear. There are plenty of people around who don’t know what they can do about their hair. I used to get so many different products, and only later did I realize that I was supposed to let my hair do its own thing, and only kind of tweak its appearence. I never want to use a product which will replace the body’s need to secrete its own oil, by the name of sebum. I just want a product that will be able to provide balance where it is lacking. This is precisely what argan does for me. Like Argan Oil? Maple Holistics has an amazing Argan Oil Conditioner that will rock your hairs world.

Will it do the same for you? I am not sure. It could or it couldn’t. This depends on many different things, and it has to do with other products, hair type, lifestyle, diet, and other factors. Go for it!

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