My family is a tribe and we live very much like how my ancestors lived. This means we hunt and gather our food. I know how to track animals and shoot them down with a shotgun or bow and arrow or even my hands if need be. The beauty of being able to identify and gather your own food is amazing. It instills a feeling of independence and focus like no other. When I hunt with a shotgun I tend to use whatever I can get my hands on, usually a Mossberg or and old Remington. My younger brother went to a local gun show and came back with a rifle I never saw before the Kel-Tec KSG. This shotgun looked like it came out of a movie. It is a double barrel bull-pup and not only gives you an accurate shot but also holds more ammo than you’ll ever need.

Although I am a bit of a traditionalist I have fallen in love with this gun. The Kel-Tec KSG would even make Browning turn in his grave and shows that innovation and expertise can push a field into whole new unexplored territory. Like I said it is a bull pup which means the action is behind the trigger. This  makes for a shorter rifle which is ideal for close quarter combat. I was in the Special Forces so I have had a lot of experience with bull-pup rifles. We would have to make our way through tight spaces and houses with corners and such and having that shorter stock meant a world of ease. This specific model holds 15 rounds of whichever shot you want. You read that correctly, 15 rounds. Suffice to say that whatever you are aiming at will not be coming out alive when you are through. The combination of compact design and ammo make it the perfect home defense weapon. However it is

a rifle and can be used for hunting too. I have brought it out on many occasions and have had much success. The only down side to these rifles is that they are a pain to reload. The plus side is that with 15 rounds you don’t have to reload too often. Plus because it is a dual chambered rifle and there is a selector switch to choose which barrel you want you can put different types of ammo in each barrel. So for instance you can have bird shot in one barrel and slugs in the other. The only problem I foresee is not remembering which barrel is which. If you want to learn more about the KSG has a nice piece on it.

As far as hunting rifles go I will stick with the Remington 700. That being said there are many great things I love about the KSG and it is damn fun to shoot so no matter what I will find a place and a purpose of this futuristic piece of plastic and steel. Thanks for reading. Semper Phi!


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