Hair styles come and go but your hair is your hair and will remain whatever it is. This is a very esoteric sentences but what is meant is that we are all born with certain hair types and each of these is very specific and has their own unique needs and wants. For example curly hair gets dry and requires extra moisture. This means you need to use a shampoo that has a bunch more moisturizer in the ingredients. If you had straight hair and used the same shampoo it could make your head oily because straight hair doesn’t need as much moisture to retain its shape. That is the thing about wavy and curly hair. When it gets dry it tends to lose shape and puff up. You get this huge frizzy mass on the top of your head and most of the time this is not what you actually want. So it is good measure to know which kind of hair type you have and how and what cosmetic works with that hair type. Maple Holistics is has all you need when it comes to organic healthy products as well as information on all popular products through articles and reviews.

I have wavy hair and after the shower I can style it and it looks great. The issues occur once it starts to dry. I go out into the sun for 5 minutes and my beautiful hair puffs up and doesn’t look good. I was cleaning out a storage space for a friend and she found a tube of conditioner for wavy hair that you use after the shower and what it does is keeps the hair hydrated so that when it dries it doesn’t puff up and become a mess. Then thing I like the most about this cream is that it doesn’t have soap in it so that my hair doesn’t lose the integral vitamins and sebum it needs to retain its shine and beauty.

There are so many shampoos on the market it can be difficult to choose the right one and I have made many mistakes and know a thing or two about shampoo. If moisture is a problem you would want to get a shampoo with a good carrier oil like avocado or argan both of these oils are highly moisturizing and will hydrate your hair so that it doesn’t get dry and tangled. There is nothing worse than tangled hair. It is painful to detangle and it is uncomfortable to have to deal with. One thing you should know is that you should never brush your hair your hair when it is wet. I know this seems like the opposite of everything you know but your hair is actually at its weakest when it is wet. When you brush your wet hair you risk breaking your hair and losing the length you are trying to achieve.

I also tend to wash my hair in cold water. I had a friend from Macedonia who had string long locks and he told me that in his country they only shower with cold water because it keeps the hair healthy and strong and that is the goal here, healthy strong hair.

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